Saturday 9.21.19

Serving at

The Market

by Eco Chic

Saturday  9:00 am – 5:00 pm



       CHICKEN & GRAPES SALAD                                        7.00

Served on a Croissant bun with Mixed Greens

     PULLED PORK                                                                   7.00

Served on a Kaiser roll – BBQ Sauce toppings available



       MEAT BRIE BAGUETTE                               7.00

         TURKEY Cranberry: Baguette filled with Turkey,

Cranberry compote, Brie Cheese Spread, & Mixed Greens

         Ham Apricot: Baguette filled with Ham,

Apricot compote, Brie Cheese Spread, & Mixed Greens



      Bowl of SOUP with toppings & bread                        6.00

              Chicken Dumpling Soup              Beef & Bean Chili

Pepper-Jack & Mac Soup        Chicken Tortilla Soup

Fall Vegetable Soup

Add a cup of Soup to your Sandwich                                     3.00


BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP                                             7.00

Creamy Dip Loaded with Chicken, Cheese, & Buffalo Sauce

Served with Tortilla Chips

PORK NACHOS                                                          8.00

Tortilla Chips, Pulled Pork, Cheese, & Corn & Black Bean Salsa

Top with your favorites

Kettle CHIPS & French Onion DIP                    3.00


Bagged CHIPS             1.50                        DRINKS                3.00

Tres Leches CAKE: Pumpkin Spice Latte or Cookies & Cream                4.00

DIRT CUP with gummy worms           3.00

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