Thursday 9.17.2020

We are Open Today for TAKE-OUT ONLY

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

To Order PLEASE CALL 701-356-0039

Pay & Pick-Up just inside our Door

BAR         $2.00  
COOKIE      $1.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie   *   Monster Cookie
Coconut Krispy Cookie  *   Macadamia Nut Cookie


Beverages are listed at the Bottom of the Menu



SPECIAL:  Chicken Tater Tot Hotdish                9.00

Classic Tater Tot Hotdish made with Chicken. Served with Vegetable, Bread, & our Lunch Dessert.

Take & Bake Chicken Tater Tot Hotdish w/ bread      $5.00


Take & Heat single serving Chicken Enchilasgna with a slice of bread    $5.00


SUPER-BOWL:  Everything but the Bagel Super-Bowl                  8.50

Wild Rice & Quinoa topped with Smoked Salmon, Hard-boiled Egg, Red Cabbage, Radishes, Capers, Everything Bagel Seasoning & Red Onion. Served with Everything but the Bagel Dressing.

BIG SALAD:  Garden Chicken Salad                                                     8.75

Mixed greens, Chicken, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots, Cheddar Cheese & Croutons. Served with Bread & your choice of Dressing.


SANDWICH w/ Kettle Chips (choose Classic or Jalapeno) or Nacho Cheese Doritos & Pickle     7.75  

ADD French Onion DIP for your KETTLE CHIPS  $1.00

SANDWICH COMBO: Sandwich & Salad or Small Soup    10.75      With Large soup 11.75                     Add Kettle Chips to your Combo 75¢

 Roast Beef & Peppers Flatbread Panini

Flatbread filled with Roast Beef, American & Mozzarella Cheeses, Bell Peppers & Red Onion. Grilled on the Panini press & served with Hatch Chili Mayo.

CLASSIC SANDWICH on Wheat, Sour Dough (or Tortilla)

Turkey & Cheddar  – or –  Ham & Swiss     –   with Mayo & Mixed Greens.

CBR Wrap

Flour tortilla filled with mixed Greens, Chicken breast, Bacon, Cheddar cheese & Ranch dressing

 Veggie Ranch Wrap

Flour tortilla filled with Mixed greens, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Cheddar Cheese, Onion, Sunflower Seeds, & Ranch Dressing.

Classic or Cheddar Jalapeno Tortilla available



Pasta, Pepperoni, Veggies, creamy Italian dressing & Parmesan cheese. Topped with Fresh Cucumbers, tomatoes & more Parmesan cheese; served with Bread.

Small (8oz)  –  3.95  Large (12oz)  –  4.95    Jumbo (16 oz)  –  5.95


We Got SOUP  Small (8oz)  –  3.95   Large (12oz)  –  4.95     Jumbo (16 oz)  –  5.95

Here are today’s Soup choices – Served with bread

                       * Black Bean & Corn Quinoa Soup                    * Chicken Wild Rice Soup

 SOUP & SALAD COMBO:   Small – $7.95      Large – $8.95      Jumbo – $9.95

Soup & Salad COMBO includes Bread & our lunch dessert


SIDE SALAD    4.50  — served with Bread


Mixed Greens, Carrots, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese & Croutons. Served with Your choice of Dressing on the Side.


Mixed Greens, croutons, Parmesan, tomatoes, Caesar dressing.


CAN OF SODA   $1.50
Coke          Diet Coke         Cherry Coke          Caffeine Free Diet Coke
A & W Root Beer          Sunkist Orange          Ginger Ale
Sprite         Diet Sprite                       Dr. Pepper
Grape Fanta       Mountain Dew          Diet Mountain Dew
Arnold Palmer ½ & ½
Unsweetened Tea        Raspberry Tea         Sweetened Tea

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