New Year’s Eve SOLD OUT

Call to order 701-356-0039 — Pick up Wednesday or Thursday

Meats & Cheeses $17.00 

Salami – Ham – Pepperoni – Cheddar Cheese

Brie Cheese – Apricot-Cranberry Compote Garlic Herb “Cheese Ball” Spread – Nuts

Chocolate covered Pretzels – Bread & Crackers

Trio of Dips $10.00 

Choose 3 Dips from the following selection:

Mock Crab Dip – Spinach Dip – Tomato Basil Dip Olive Spread – Bacon Cheddar “Cheese Ball” Spread Garlic Herb “Cheese Ball” Spread – Hummus

Everything Veggie Cheese Spread

Served with Bread & Crackers

Sweet & Savory $17.00 

Dense Chocolate Cake with Ganache Lemon Shortbread Stars – Dried Fruits & Nuts

Garlic Herb “Cheese Ball” Spread – Salami

Pepperoni – Cheddar Cheese – Bread & Crackers

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